Do you feel out of energy every morning and just manage to drag through the day, without ever feeling positive about the work that you do? Well, there is obviously a good reason for that. Our diet is one of the most important factors. Our intake of proper nutrients is severely wrong and adds to that the stressful lives that we lead and the polluted environment that we all live in. These make us go slow on our feet and we hardly wish to perform the daily duties and chores.

And as a solution to this problem, an innovative product was introduced in the market – the nutria bullet, that’s ideal for the preparation of a nutri blast. Now, you will wonder what is a nutri blast? Well, it is a blast of nutrients, extracted in the best way mechanically possible so that you can get every bit of nutrient that a food item possesses. Confused? Read on!

Nutri blast with a nutri bullet

Suppose, you have a glass of lime juice or carrot juice every morning and you use a blender for the purpose. But you often see that the juice extracted isn’t as much as it should be or the leftovers seem to contain some more juice that could be extracted. Well, that’s because the blenders are unable to squeeze out all the juice/nutrients from the fruit or vegetable and thus to get a glass of juice, you have to use more of the item or you get only a portion of the benefit that you could possibly get from the food.

But not with nutri bullet as it is not just an ordinary blender but a pulveriser that is known to extract even the last drop of juice/nutrients contained in the vegetable or fruit and produce a nutri blast that will give you much more energy that you previously received. And why not? You are getting much more from every vegetable/fruit that you put into this all-new device. It breaks down food into finer pieces and pulverizes them, so that you get even the last drop of juice from the item.

How to make a nutri blast?

nutri blast

The preparation procedure is really very simple. You have to put in all the greens, nuts, fruits, veggies and whatever you want to consume as a juice in the bullet and start the device. Within a very short time, you will have your glass (or more) of juice ready, packed with every nutrient that the food items are composed of and that too, to the last drop. You can switch it on and leave it running for the fixed time required and get going with your other chores. No need to keep a watch while it prepares your daily boost of energy. Just return after the required time and collect your energy drink (homemade) and make your life better.

No impurities, no additional costs, nothing. Rather, you get to save on the food that would otherwise be underutilized and the energy drinks or medications that you had to buy for your daily energy requirement.


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