One of the most common and selling TV products, the Magic Bullet, it came to a competitor. With the Nutri Bullet reviews is there a similar product entered the market which is similar in many respects to the Magic Bullet. Whether this seems at first the case, but it turns out not end up to be? What is the difference between the two devices, and the bullet is well suited for the preparation of food or the making of vitamin drinks? The Nutri Bullet is newer, so may therefore be assumed that he also is better? This article shows you what the difference is between them and what the version now is better. The Nutri Bullet or the Magic Bullet? In the first instance, both products seem huge on each other. Both a gray unit and a translucent cup with a cutting blade at the bottom of the cup. Not so much to compare. About taste is namely not argue and I go not to say that I find the Nutri Bullet better look. Ultimately it’s about performance and there are fortunate enough to detect differences.

The engine

The first major difference is the ability of the motor of the nutri bullet reviews devices. Where the Magic Bullet has a 250 watt motor is of the Nutri Bullet with 600 watts almost 2.5 times as strong. The powerful engine of the Nutri Bullet is also the basis for better and finer results in the cup. Everything is simply finer grind than the Magic Bullet.

Extractor Blade

nutri bullet reviews

Nutri Bullet Extractor Blade


Not only is the more powerful engine, however, is the cause of a finer processing of the ingredients. The Magic Bullet comes with a Cross Blade and Flat Blade. Both are perfect for grinding, cutting and chopping ingredients. However, the Nutri Bullet is equipped with the latest type of blade, the Extractor Blade. Thanks to the position of the blades and the shape of the knives will anything that comes along these knives are ingredients in the Magic Bullet is so coarsely chopped, sliced ​​or crushed, while they are really pulverized in the Nutri Bullet. However, it is difficult to say what is better now. Want coarse almonds, the Magic Bullet is your device while you fine almond powder than just the Nutri Bullet. pulverized. Even the hardest seeds.

Extracts or pureeing

Due to the difference in the blades, you must think carefully what you expect now from the device. If you want the device will help you in the kitchen and quickly chop an onion, make a pasta sauce or nuts coarsely chopped, then I recommends the Magic Bullet. His weakness, inferior blades and engine power, is then perhaps a strength because he does not like everything. However, you buy the device to make healthy drinks, so you can start each morning with a vitamin bomb, the Nutri Bullet is much more convenient than the Magic Bullet. The Nutri Bullet pulverizes the ingredients into a vitamin-rich juice. The vitamin-rich shell is crushed. When the drinks with the Magic Bullet you covered chunks in your drink, how long you spin the blades.

nutri bullet reviews Content

Both devices come with a comprehensive accessory pack. To what extent do the accessories of the devices from one another?

 nutri bullet reviews  nutri bullet reviews
NutriBullet Unit Magic Bullet Unit
Extractor Blade Cross Blade
Flat Blade Flat Blade
Big Measuring cup with handle (700 ml) Large measuring cup (530 mL)
Small Measuring cup with handle (350 ml) Small measuring cup (350 ml)
Small Measuring cup (350 mL) 2 Shaker / Steamer Lids
Quick Start Guide 4 Party Cups with colored rings
recipe book recipe book
2 Locking Lids 2 Locking Lids

Also here you can see the difference in performance. The Nutri Bullet that is more focused on making vitamin drinks and the Magic Bullet with different cooking accessories performance cooking surface imparts additional strength.

nutri bullet reviews and cleaning,

Perhaps the most practical. Both products are easy to use, but they get cleaned just as easily as they are nasty to deal with? The answer: yes! The unit remains clean under normal use. Should there arise a trickle, then he has to do simply with a damp cloth. Additionally, both products of the (mix) cups in the dishwasher, making it not only has to worry about. In addition, both devices recommended the knives with hand wash. In the dishwasher, they can by high, sustained temperate embark on making the blades then leak into the cups. Even cleaning in warm soapy water and you can use them. It is therefore no difference.

Our nutri bullet reviews overview ….

If you are unsure about buying one of the devices, then I think it is wise to think where you want to use the device. As mentioned excel both devices in their own thing. The Magic Bullet is the ideal kitchen help and will certainly be often used. He is with his € 59.95 worth considering. However, I think the amount of € 98, – for the Nutri Bullet definitely worth it. I searched myself a device to make vitamin drinks and I found it my solution in the Nutri Bullet. If that’s where you want to use your device, then I recommend you to go for the Nutri Bullet and a little more money to spend it. Of course, the choice is entirely yours. Where I am convinced that whatever product you choose, it can very much work in the kitchen and will deprive it will be fun to work with the device.


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