Meet the Nutri Bullet, Super Nutrients Extractor. Whit The NutriBullet 12 piece set you can change everyday food in super food which is easily absorbed by the system of your body so that you can live a longer, healthier and more active lives.

Many foods packed with essential nutrients and the only way to get a maximum benefit is to break it off, pulverizing the cellular level to draw out the hidden nutrients in the food.

The secret of the nutribullet 12 piece

The secret of the Nutri Bullet 12 piece is the powerful 600 watt motor, combined with the exclusive cyclonic motion that all the turbo extractor blades forces that run with an incredible speed of 10,000 rpm, so the stems, seeds and peel, where most essential nutrients, break down and pulverize.

 By drinking just one Nutri Blast per day, you can give your body the tools necessary to do battle again, to feel good, your body’s ability to achieve maximum performance and give you more energy than you ever thought possible held.

Nutribullet 12 piece smoothie TIP!



Frozen Raspberry / Blueberry
orange juice

Preparation with the Nutribullet!

Break the banana into pieces, peel the pear and are in pieces.

Do this in the blender, pour over one and a half cup of buttermilk and a half cup cup orange juice, swank 2 or 3 tablespoons frozen raspberries / Blueberry on.

put the lid on the blender and pulse him when I first time one or two times then I put him about 30 seconds to 1 and another 30 in the second highest position.

If you find it too thin or too thick you can always add orange juice and / or buttermilk to the desired thickness

(you can also squeeze the oranges yourself)

Tasty !

smoothie Beet Berries

– Nutri Bullet Engine

– Flat and Cross Blade

– 1x High cup

– 1x Low cup (with handles with comfort lip ring.)

– 1x Low cup with handle (with separate comfort lip ring)

– 2x-fresh lids

– Instructions

 –Pocket Cookbook


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