Nutribullet Recipe has certainly become the foremost choice, combining the benefits of a juicer and a blender. Nutribullet is called as a pulverizer that is a kind of a juicer/blender hybrid operated by means of a highly powerful 600 watt motor, which could literally convert the produce into a tasty smoothie. You can mix fruits, vegetables and include water or some kind of liquid and you will obtain a thick paste. Within a second, nutribullet will turn a second into liquid nutrition so that you can include your lunch or breakfast with extremely nutritious and delicious smoothie. There are varieties of nutribullet recipes available that can be prepared easily with common ingredients like fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables. Those who are on a diet can able to experience the exceptional benefits with a nutribullet recipe.

nutribullet recipe

Health benefit of nutribullet recipe

It is easy to make a nutribullet recipe that uses only fresh vegetables and fruits. If you want to make a glass of green smoothie you can use the ingredients like spinach, collard greens, lettuce and kale. You can even include some herbs like basil, mint or parsley. The flavor of nutribullet green smoothies can be improved by adding mango, bananas, apple, avocado, pear or lemon. Smoothies are no doubt the rich source of minerals and vitamins. Most vegetables and fruits that are being employed for making smoothie recipes are the best sources of vitamins C and A. There are also few minerals, which one can get out of drinking green smoothies like magnesium, potassium, irons and calcium, particularly while you use veggies and fruits such as kale, spinach, apple, avocado and mango. Adding seeds, nuts and yogurt into green smoothie can also offer your body with essential amounts of magnesium.

nutribullet recipe

Common nutribullet recipes

Juice made of Zucchini orange, celery and cucumber is a popular nutribullet recipe. It is a vegetable juice made using orange, zucchini, celery and cucumber that is loaded with huge nutrients to help boost immunity against any disease that cause free radicals. Zesty yogurt and tomato, lemon smoothie is also a tastiest smoothie recipe prepared using lemon, tomato and Greek yogurt that are enriched with important nutrients and also other components, which can maintain your digestive system healthy. You can even try preparing yogurt, almond and plum smoothie that can be made using plum, almond milk, Greek yogurt, which is highly good for digestion. A smoothie recipe that is made of apricots, Greek yogurt and peach definitely forms an awesome drink while you need something to fulfill your sweet tooth and also your tummy.

Nutribullet recipes for weight loss

There are few nutribullet recipes that can be used greatly for weight loss purpose. Nutribullet recipes offer high in nutrition yet low calories. A single glass of nutribullet smoothie during the morning will make you feel full, offer your energy and assist you fight against hunger. The minerals and vitamins you obtain from a nutribullet recipe result in a radiant, cleaner and younger looking skin and will protect you from all kinds of immune attacks.


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